Talent Management

Our healthcare specific talent management suite provides collaborative and innovative solutions to enable healthcare organizations to drive efficiency and optimize workforce productivity. The suite is a modular, functional, and fully customizable cloud-based product that uses advanced technologies to deliver hospitals and medical providers the most comprehensive solutions. 

Just like our LMS, the Talent suite has been designed in a modular structure to enable clients to only implement modules of the suite that they require, thereby paying for just the modules that are installed. Formats for these modules are extremely flexible in that clients can define their own learning scales, evaluation matrices, job descriptions, learning objects and specific courses that relate to the overall skill track – providing a far more accurate gap analysis.


Centerline’s TMS suite includes talent acquisition, performance evaluations and assessments, compliance, succession planning, talent recruiting, skill gap analysis, and performance planning, each with the following highlights and suite benefits:


  • Each module can be implemented as a stand-alone module
  • Access the LMS via a non-Centerline client through a Web API
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Centerline LMS
  • Modules are customizable
  • Implement as stand-alone TMS, or integrate with the LMS
Suite Benefits
  • Accepts 3rd party job position definition tables
  • Helps develop and retain employees
  • Integrated reminder system
  • Graphical dashboards that include – Performance vs. Potential, Skill Gap Analysis, Evaluation Graphs & Year by year comparisons
  • Customizable Forms
  • Identify gaps and then target the necessary training to fill these gaps
  • Identify high performers and low achievers
  • Align and customize the modules to fit existing workflows & systems, and to meet organizational goals
  • Help measure the impact of learning programs on job performance and productivity

Talent & Succession Planning

Centerline’s Talent and Succession Planning software supports the process of identifying, developing, enhancing and retaining talent within a healthcare organization. Through assessment tools, development plans, tracking tools, development strategies, readiness ratings, and comparative profiles, it monitors, supports, and evaluates – greatly facilitating recruitment and retention of human capital.

  • Creates candidate talent pool
  • Searches entire organizational population
  • Not limited to only upper management positions
  • Help recruit from within the organization
  • Facilitates retirement planning
  • Create Career Plans
  • Identify gaps within the organization
  • Mitigate retention risks
  • Match individual plans with the organization’s plans / goals
  • Track candidate readiness based on – Skills, Competencies & Performance
  • Create development plans allowing management to more easily identify key performers
  • On-demand or scheduled searches
  • Reporting analysis by person, position, department
  • Supports skills and competency comparative analyses

Skill Gap Analysis

Centerline provides a direct method for healthcare organizations to optimize performance. Users can complete competency assessments to identity workforce skill gaps, as well as determine the exact skill requirements of each job within an organization; maximizing employee potential and facilitate organizational efficiency.

  • Define competencies within groups
  • Identify skill gaps
  • Profile roles and positions within the organization
  • Flexible rating scales
  • Enroll into a class from within the application
  • Define Competencies
  • Identify Training Needs
  • Integrated performance and learning plans
  • Understand company goals
  • Identify company skills
  • Develop job profiles
  • Create job descriptions – define various skill levels & match competencies to jobs
  • Identify employee skills – Employee assessments, Including competencies
  • Assists in recruiting efforts
  • Reporting options – Job descriptions, Competencies, Skill levels, Skill Gaps & Future needs

Goal Management

Individual and organizational goals can be assigned to create personal action plans. Since it is integrated into the Centerline LMS, courses can be mapped to action plans that can be personalized and tracked against milestones. Performance reviews, cascading goals and automatic reminders all form part of this module.

  • Reward Learning initiatives
  • Assign individual and corporate goals
  • Promote better understanding of corporate objectives
  • Create an individual action plan
  • Monitor progress
  • Mapping courses to an action plan
  • Track progress against milestones
  • Define personalized and descriptive goals
  • Supports different types of goals – Organizational goals, Department goals & Individual goals
  • Links to e-mail system
  • Integrated reminder system
  • Cascade goals by – Job code, Job position, Job class< & Location
  • Integrates with performance reviews
  • Easily monitored by managers or supervisors

Employee Evaluations & Assessments

Centerline understands that providing organizational management the ability to create quality user evaluations and assessments further develops employee competency. This module manages the complete employee evaluation lifecycle and greatly simplifies standard assessment processes and procedures.

  • No limit on number of raters/ratees
  • Complete anonymity and confidentiality
  • Automatic e-mail reminders
  • Manages complete evaluation lifecycle
  • Implement as stand-alone or integrated with suite
  • Cost Effective
  • Interfaces with e-Filing system
  • 360,270,180 and 90 degree feedback
  • Assessments from multiple sources
  • Integrated reminder system
  • User defined – Evaluation forms, Competencies, Rating scales & Weightings
  • Automatic routing of evaluations
  • Integrates with the CenterLine Assignment Scheduler
  • Evaluation group weightings
  • Soft calculations for overall performance scores
  • Dashboard reporting – By company, By group & By department

Performance Management

Centerline provides a unique ability for a healthcare organization’s strategic goals and objectives to be aligned with its individual users. Our propriety tools for managing performance provide comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of the employee, enabling maximum workforce performance and efficiency.

  • Reward Learning initiatives
  • Supports interim and annual reviews
  • Track Performance vs. Potential
  • Manages complete evaluation lifecycle
  • Stand-alone or integrated with the Talent Management Suite
  • Graphical dashboard analysis
  • Integrates with e-Mail
  • Integrated Reminder System
  • Flexible competency descriptions
  • Automatic generation of review forms
  • Supports continual performance management lifecycle
  • Ability to rate detailed behavioral descriptions and comments
  • Customizable calculation routines
  • Integration with other rating systems
  • Built-in reminder system
  • Supports interim and annual reviews
  • User defined – Performance plan templates, Rating scales & Weighting scales