Centerline’s cloud-based application is easy to use, seamlessly updated and available at any time. Engineered and constantly improved by a highly qualified team of developers dedicated to providing the ideal customized solution.


The Centerline application is SaaS-based, which means our clients can access it via the Internet at any time, from any device, using personal login details. Centerline adapts to any organization’s environment, processes and/or needs to deliver the best services possible.

Installed Solutions

Installed for organizations that are looking for a stand-alone solution to implement Centerline file servers behind their organization’s firewall, we have a very simple installation procedure that streamlines the process. However, since Centerline is a Cloud-based solution, it is supported by our developers and programmers via the web at any location – worldwide.

Leverage your existing internal hardware & software infrastructure – with no hosting fees. Access to these servers is controlled by the client, so that Centerline engineers have access via a VPN, or controlled port access, only at times that are pre-arranged by the client. Code updates and system troubleshooting are all done remotely via this procedure. Centerline partners with your IT department to ensure seamless customer support.

Hosted Solutions

The Centerline hosted solution comprises all of the same modules that are available in our stand-alone installed version. However, it allows clients to operate without the significant in-house hardware and software support overhead requirements. Clients obtain the complete benefits of the entire system without the need for supporting the on-site implementation of an enterprise application.

Centerline uses the highest quality hardware in a secured data operations center to ensure client’s data has the outmost safety and security. Moreover, it is hosted by one of the largest ISP’s in California; providing daily, monthly, as well as transactional back-ups. 



To ensure client’s data has the utmost safety and security, Centerline operates under numerous highly secured data operation centers and uses the best quality hardware in the industry. Centerline uses the following controls to ensure the most secure hosting architecture for our clients:

  • 3rd party ISP hosting partner that is one of the largest collocation/hosting companies in the US
  • Frequent encrypted data backups (daily, monthly, and annual)
  • Transactional security
  • Privacy and information controls
  • Administrative controls with the ability to verify and track access
  • Numerous other multifaceted security feature

Mobile / Video 


As an extension to the integrated system, Centerline users may access the system from mobile devices – to, amongst many other options, view their profiles, transcripts, take tests, complete evaluations and take courses.

Centerline supports the four (4) major software platforms – Apple (iOS), Google (Android), Microsoft (Windows), and BlackBerry (BBX); providing users the ability to operate on a smartphone, tablet, PDA, or other mobile device.

The Centerline mobile applications and features help healthcare organizations attain the following:

  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased engagement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Connected staff – 24/7



Centerline leverages the power of rich-media by incorporating video into the platform. Using the applicable Centerline product and/or solution, users can:

  • Create, upload, edit, compress, and tag video
  • Search content and courseware
  • Seamlessly deliver and scale rich media in a safe & secure medium
  • Utilize in learning applications such as assessments or evaluations
  • Fully HTML5 compliant (as well as support or Flash content))


Centerline was an early adopter of social technology, and we continue to put great emphasis on its ability to engage employees. Our social technology provides innovative methods for a healthcare workforce to share knowledge, data, and experiences. Furthermore, the technology greatly facilitates employee collaboration, interaction, and networking.

The Social applications within the Centerline system include:

  • Forums for online discussions and chats, communities and near real-time chats
  • Social analytics applications
  • Video and mobile features