Our experience and commitment to client service drives our business; and by combining dedicated personnel with unmatched expertise and numerous years of experience, we are able to help our clients achieve the greatest level of success. Furthermore, leveraging off of the experience gained from our numerous healthcare clients, we have added features and functionality to our systems that are both expansive and practical. Centerline has incorporated ideas and enhancements from many of its valued clients – and is thus been able to boast an extremely functional and feature-rich system.  

Client Education and Training

Product Support

Professional Services

Content Services

Client Education and Training

Centerline provides the following training for client administrators and managers, ensuring complete product understanding, rapid rollout, and higher-use adoption:

  • On-site visit at client’s location to conduct product workshops
  • Comprehensive product training via webinar, self-paced courses, and instructor-led classes
  • Product experts available online for continuing education and training
  • End user training aids

Product Support

Centerline’s product support personnel are all highly experienced specialists with unmatched technical expertise. Our staff has significant years of industry experience and absolute knowledge of the system, skills that all serve to help with any and all support requests. We understand that each customer has specific requirements, and therefore, our support offerings and menu of services are tailored to give client’s customized support solutions that accommodate both individual and organizational demands.

Professional Services

Centerline’s philosophy is that productivity and efficiency are the most important features that should result out of developing, designing, and implementing such a program. Therefore, we first take the time to evaluate the needs of our clients (on a no-charge basis), then outline the appropriate program type/design, and lastly administer the optimum solutions, which may or may not include customizations for which typically there is no additional charge.

Centerline builds lasting relationships, and our unique ability to successfully customize cloud-based solutions is proven and validated by the high caliber of satisfied clients continually relying on Centerline for their LMS and TMS strategies.

Centerline has not had a single client choose to not renew its agreement with us for learning and talent management systems. This record is unheard of in an industry where more than 50% of health systems that select an LMS/TMS vendor are said to find it necessary to replace their current system, citing poor support, non-performance issues, or the lack of features to meet the dynamic requirements within the healthcare industry.


Centerline will meet with appropriate client personnel to assess specific requirements with regards to:

  • Scope of customization (if required)
  • interfacing to existing HR data systems / files
  • learner profiles and comprehension levels
  • GUI interface and technical specification
  • tracking and reporting
  • specific module requirements

Centerline’s powerful integrated Learning and Talent Management Systems are built utilizing an open architecture framework structure enabling each customer to leverage existing technology with minimum up-front costs.


Identify content that meets with the requirements of the organization. Existing content in PowerPoint as well as SCORM and/or AICC format, can easily be incorporated into the Centerline system. Centerline can provide content and is also able to use our content partners to assist in sourcing required WBT content at very cost effective and competitive pricing structures.


Centerline uses an agile software implementation approach – this promotes timely delivery and continuous improvement while encouraging rapid and flexible responses to change. Our structured methods and unmatched professional service provide a rapid implementation process to drive configuration of the system.

Our first step is making the necessary modifications to the system as required by our clients, then, Centerline implements the initial modules and overall structure of the system.

A dedicated project manager is always assigned to the client, as well as a technical lead, and program administrator. This team will work on-site at the client, as well as from Centerline’s offices. In addition, a QA environment is immediately established, and all loading of data, customization, and testing is done on this platform, all prior to moving to a production environment.


Project Management

Our system is comprised of a highly advanced proprietary single-code-base programming method. Therefore, only one version of the software is ever required – making support and maintenance of the product across multiple clients both simple and possible. Furthermore, the system is remotely updated and monitored by Centerline’s staff, greatly reducing any functional interruptions and ensuring that the most innovative enhancements are continuously incorporated into the system. This applies to both hosted and installed versions of the software.

  • Centerline manages all updates, maintenance and hosting of client’s learning and talent management solutions.
  • Permanent web access to the latest updates of the solution.
  • Regular automatic updates, giving access to our latest technical development.


Content Services

Centerline offers healthcare organizations a compressive platform for developing, sharing, maintaining and delivering content.  

Authoring Tool

Centerline e-ZStudio is a cloud-based e-learning development tool for educators, professionals and specialists to collaborate in authoring SCORM courseware and content. The groupware-authoring environment operates with task management and page-level lock out control, thereby granting live overview of progress throughout the development process. Furthermore, with its powerful cloud-based cooperative, completely interactive e-learning content is created (without programming) much faster and with greater collaboration between specialists and industry participant.

Content Sharing

Centerline’s vision to promote greater cooperation and content sharing between healthcare industry participants prompted the adaptation of a client-shared secure hosting environment, iKnowledgeShare. This component is integrated within the Centerline LMS and facilitates radical cooperation and mass sharing of learning for the mutual benefit of physicians, clinicians and patients. Each healthcare organization has the option to contribute its own developed content to the ‘pool’ and clients have access to content provided by other healthcare organizations within this collection. This allows healthcare organizations to share learning materials, thereby fostering collaboration and enhancing overall innovation within the industry.

Content Development

In addition to our proprietary authoring tool, Centerline is able to offer the following options for healthcare organizations to develop content:

  • Centerline complete development services
  • Referral to 3rd party content developers
  • Partnering with clients in the development process which dramatically reduces costs

Furthermore, if clients are able to provide source content, our instructional designers and developers can create instructionally sound courses on a fixed project, or time and materials basis.

Our systems are designed with an open architecture that supports any 3rd party vendor’s SCORM and/or AICC compliant content. Additionally, Learnsoft is able to provide its clients with content that meets compliance standards such as HIPAA, JCAHO and OSHA.