Learning Management

Providing productivity-oriented methods customized solutions to client’s needs through a flexible platform is the hallmark of Centerline – our Learning Management System is a modular, functional, and fully customizable cloud-based product that uses collaborative and innovative technologies to deliver healthcare organizations the most comprehensive solutions.

The system manages and tracks advanced processes through its flexible, web-based interface, and most notably, can be configured to match any healthcare organization’s requirements. By integrating instructor-led training, e-learning, soft-skills and proficiencies, knowledge-sharing and overall workforce collaboration, our blended learning program offers solutions for the entire spectrum of learning platforms. These include software applications and multimedia options, ranging from ERP systems to operating systems, databases and spreadsheets.

It has been designed for extreme flexibility, usability, manageability and scalability – healthcare organizations receive a total-solution for developing, implementing, reporting, and managing a learning program, all through an intuitive cloud-based interface – greatly increasing user productivity. 

The Centerline LMS creates a cost effective, high quality training and educational environment designed to specifically meet the development and training needs of healthcare providers. It can be implemented in conjunction with an open architecture that supports any 3rd party vendor’s SCORM and/or AICC compliant content.

Module Descriptions

The system has been designed in a modular structure to enable clients to only implement modules of the system that they require, thereby paying for just the modules that are installed. Our clients benefit from avoiding the need to implement an entire enterprise software application when only a few features may be utilized and/or required.

Administration / Core Database / Setup

This module is the core of Centerline system; it is used to setup the SQL databases, create the initial database structure, and setup the parameter files for customization, if required.

Enrollment & Registration


Enrollment and registration is managed by this module – for instructor-led classes, web-based courses, and web-conferencing sessions. It supports calendars, multi-level user defined catalogs, block bookings, wait-lists, reminders and accreditation.

Reminder Module


The system provides an ‘engine’ whereby administrators of the system can create their own reminders, with the user defined mail merge e-mail templates, which can be triggered based of the status and timings of the course. These e-mail reminders can be targeted to various groups in the organization.

Accreditation Module


Administrators of the system can create accreditations based on the sponsors and accrediting boards. Each course can have multiple accreditations based on the target learner, each with their own specific assessment, evaluation, license and certificate.



This module drives the assessment process whereby administrators of the system can create their own pre and post assessments that can include user defined question types. Furthermore, it allows for a variable number of question assessments that can also be randomized.



Standard reports and graphs generated via user defined parameters.

WBT Launch


This module supports the launching of web-based courses that are either SCORM or AICC compliant. Full tracking and bookmarking of courses is supported. TinCan and non-tracking URL’s are also fully supported.

CenterLine Studio


Centerline e-ZStudio is a cloud-based e-learning rapid development tool for educators, professionals and specialists to collaborate in authoring SCORM courseware and content. With its powerful cloud-based cooperative, completely interactive e-learning content is quickly created (without programming) much faster, while facilitating greater collaboration between specialists and industry participants.

Digital Documents


The system provides the ability to attach digital documents to courses and users. Full security is associated with access to these documents. Documents can be course attachments like white papers or collateral information. Or they can be standard operating procedures for managers/users, such as PDF or WORD documents, EXCEL spreadsheets or even videos.

Expense / Budgeting


Facilitates control of expenses related to delivering and managing a course. It can also help keep monitor costs related to a particular training event with features that can track budget vs. actual training costs.

Support – Bulletin Board / Chat


Allows the user to chat with others within Centerline (if other users are also online in Chat Mode.)



Users can create a forum thread. A user can post questions/inquiries on the thread and other user can reply to these questions.



Allows users to send e-mail to an Administrator, Manager, or Instructor. The user also has the option to attach any type of attachment with this email.

Web Services – API


This module allows access to the Centerline system(s) by a foreign system, through a web service. It allows non-Centerline systems to access Centerline file structures, and perform LMS functions without being a Centerline client.

ERP Communication Link


This is a program interface that can be customized specifically for each client to transfer data both to and from existing client legacy or HR systems. It allows Centerline to both import and export data of a foreign ERP, HR or accounting system. Information transferred includes details on users, courses, test status, etc.

Web Conferencing


The system permits the creation of a web conference course in the same way as it does in creating a normal ILT course. The only difference with this component is that the course will launch like a WBT course (which will be a link to a server like WebEx, Adobe Connect, or GOTO Meeting).



For clients with requirements for charging for courses taken, this module allows a user to submit a credit card payment for a course. Centerline then forwards the transaction onto VeriSign (or other processing platform) for authorization, which then allows for integration to the clients bank account.

Event Manager


The system has functionality to manage attendance at events or conferences. Attendance to sessions or seminars is managed via access codes, and these can link to accreditations within Centerline. Self-registration and the uploading of attendee data to Centerline is also supported.

Assignment Scheduler


The Assignment Scheduler is an automated set of business processes defined as rules, set up by the administrator of the system. The scheduler will automatically assign classes and procedures to users of the system, dependent on them meeting the criteria as contained in the business rules. This scheduler is a web service that can be run at any interval (nightly, each week, or each month – user defined). It is an ideal tool for managing recurring compliance training – for example, reminding and assigning users of when training is due.

Management Impact


When this module is implemented, it allows the system to manage objectives and proficiencies requiring that users must demonstrate that they are proficient in a task before being given credit for it. A manager or user is able to define the objectives for a course – a nursing competency checklist is an example of where this module could be utilized.

Real-Time Video


This system is able to initiate webcams and capture video for both web conferencing purposes, as well as uploading video to a user’s profile. An example of the latter is where remote users can, in conjunction with the Management Impact module, upload video clips (to their profiles) of the respective user performing tasks to demonstrate proficiency in successfully completing an objective/project.

Staff Retention


A case can easily be made that organizations lose employees due to inadequate job training. This module attempts to provide tools, surveys, and analyses that help identify which employees may be experiencing challenges in their job. The assignment of mentors, gaining peer input, providing better data describing the organizations goals, products and customers – and identifying courses that may assist in retaining the employee are all features of this module.

Evaluations and Surveys


The system is a ‘plug ‘n play’ application, and allows administrators of the system to create libraries (repository) of evaluations and surveys. When building courses, individual evaluations and surveys from the repository pool can be attached to specific courses For example; Survey 12 can be attached to Course 2.

360-Degree Evaluation


This module allows for multi-rater evaluations of an employee. Evaluations can be completed by the user (self), manager, peer or subordinate. The evaluation period is defined in the user profile, but can only be accessed by management.

Analytics and Report Builder


The system supports three types of analytic dashboards – each of which can be customized per user group – and include administrator/manager, instructor, and user dashboards. The progress and learning status of users is displayed in a simple graphical format. The Report Builder, is a tool that is typically only used by administrators of the system, to design custom reports.

Benefits and Functionality

Some of the benefits and functional specifications of the Centerline LMS include:

  • ✓ Microsoft .NET architecture
  • ✓ Web based client interface
  • ✓ Hosted (SaaS) or in-house (behind the client firewall)
  • ✓ Typical implementation time – 60-90 days
  • ✓ Interfaces with ERP or other 3rd party HR systems
  • ✓ Supports organizations with multiple locations 1,000 – 120,000 employees / vendors / customers
  • ✓ Full security access controls – by authorization level
  • ✓ Ability to assign courses by job code, function, position, title Integrates with all 3rd party
  • ✓ SCORM and AICC compliant content (also TinCan compatible)
  • ✓ Multi-language support
  • ✓ Multiple system administrators at no extra charge No per seat/employee pricing matrix
  • ✓ Monthly or annual licensing model – no huge upfront costs

Compliance Management

Centerline’s learning management system enables healthcare organizations to address complex certification, compliance and auditing requirements, while minimizing expenses, maintaining accountability, and reducing overall risk exposure.

Manage Certification Requirements

Systematized procedures ensure that the appropriate employees acquire and maintain both regulatory and organizational mandated certifications. Reporting back to CE Brokers is fully supported.

Risk Exposure Management

Quickly and easily identify non-compliance through methodical programs and dashboards using proprietary technology designed for highlighting risk exposure.

Manage Compliance Training and Continuing Education

Administer and manage instructional training and continuing education, as well as accelerate learning, all while meeting regulatory requirements.

Performance Management for Organizational Standards & Procedures

The system provides key metrics for capturing all required data and information within a healthcare organization. Furthermore, managers can implement and regulate programs to ensure employees adhere to organizational procedures.

Centralized System for Managing and Reporting

Managers can create, distribute and track compliance initiatives and programs all from one advanced centralized system. In addition, enterprise reporting provides complete visibility of compliance status and initiatives to appropriate organizational management.

De-centralized Management also Supported

Because there is no limit or charge for creating additional admins or sub-admins, organizations can easily decentralize their management and reporting structures.