Healthcare learning & talent management solutions

Centerline Health Systems is a national leader in providing healthcare organizations with comprehensive learning and talent management solutions.


Centerline provides productivity-oriented solutions customized to our client’s needs through a highly flexible platform framework


By combining unmatched expertise with our 30 years of experience and commitment to client service, we are able to help our clients achieve the greatest level of success.


Specialization for the healthcare industry and a clear focus on the development and implementation of integrated healthcare-specific software & specialized services.


Our system is a modular, functional, and extremely feature-rich product that uses unmatched collaborative and innovative technologies

One of the industry’s leading LMS/TMS providers

Our clients include healthcare organizations ranging from small individual hospitals to institutional systems


Valued Clients


Hospital Facilities


Total Users



Hundreds of hospitals rely on us everyday

The choice for the Nation’s leading healthcare organizations

30-year successful track record

With a heritage that stems from our parent company’s 30-year successful track record in learning-focused technologies,and through a development partnership with one of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations, we have organically grown into one of the industry’s leading LMS/TMS providers.

Enhancing hospital workforce performance


Our specialization to the healthcare industry and clear focus on the development and implementation of integrated software & specialized services provides optimal methods to enhance hospital workforce productivity and maximize human capital, resulting in overall increased patient satisfaction


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